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Our homemade, signature family recipes have been passed down for generations to bring you delicious, food made with the freshest ingredients. With modern twists and authentic flavours, we’ve got something for everyone

Non-Vegetarian Appetisers

chicken pakora

Boneless chicken pieces coated in chickpea flour and fried till crispy.


Chicken Tikka

Traditional chicken tikka marinated in spices and chillies cooked in a tandoor.
(Dairy, Gluten Free)


Lamb Kebab Sizzler

Minced lamb infused with fresh onion, ginger and spices.
(Gluten Free)


Chilli Prawns

Prawns marinated with Indian Chinese spices served with onions and peppers.


tfe chicken wings

Spicy coated crispy tandoori chicken wings.


Amritsari Fish Pakora

Fresh fish cuts, coated in herbs, spices and chillies fried until golden.
(Seafood, Dairy)


Chilli Chicken

Cubed chicken tossed in our own TFE chilli sauce, spicy hot (not for the faint-hearted).
(Gluten Free)


Vegetarian Appetisers

Paneer Tikka

Home-made paneer (cheese) marinated in spices and grilled.(Dairy)

Chilli Paneer 

Indian cheese, peppers & onions tossed in a tangy sweet & sour sauce.
(Dairy, Mustard)


Onion Pakora

Golden deep fried onions coated in chickpea flour.
(Gluten Free, Mustard)


Gobi Manchurian (VE)

Florets of cauliflower battered and spiced in a sweet n sour tangy sauce.
(Vegan, Gluten Free)


Tandoori Soya Tikka

Delicious marinated soya in ginger, garlic, chillies and coriander.
(Dairy, Mustard)


Punjabi Samosa (VE)

Potato, peas, cumin seeds encased in a homemade pastry deep-fried.


Kenyan Masala Mogo (VE)

Deep fried mogo (cassava) tossed in spicy chilli sauce.
(Vegan, Gluten Free)


Main Dishes


Chicken Tikka Masala

Boneless chicken roasted in a tandoor
cooked in a mild creamy curry sauce.
(Gluten Free, Dairy)


Lamb Jalfrezi

Lamb cooked in a tomato sauce
with bell peppers and onions.


Chicken Jalfrezi

Chicken cooked in spicy sauce with bell peppers and onions.


Palak Chicken

Fresh spinach & chicken infused with traditional kenyan spices and cream.
(Gluten Free, Dairy)


Lamb Curry

Boneless lamb pieces infused with cinnamon and clove in a bhuna sauce.


Railway Chicken

Cubed chicken in a rich onions based sauce with ginger, coriander and garam masala.


butter chicken

Chicken tikka cooked in a tomato, cream & fenugreek flavoured mild sauce.
(Gluten Free, Dairy)


Lamb Saag

Boneless lamb with fresh spinach herbs and spices semi dry sauce.


Fish Curry

Authentic fish curry cooked in
a creamy coconut milk and spices. 
(Dairy, Seafood)


Methi Chicken

Dry chicken dish infused with
fenugreek, fresh herbs, spices in a mild creamy curry sauce.(Gluten Free)


Lamb keema mattar

Minced lamb and peas cooked in
onion and tomato sauce.


Railway Prawn Curry

Prawns cooked in complimentary
spicy tomato curry sauce.(Seafood)


Vegetarian Dishes

Paneer Makhani 

Paneer (cheese) cooked and blended in a creamy mild sauces.
(Gluten Free, Dairy)


Soya Tikka Masala 

Tandoori soya pieces with peppers and onions in a jalfrezi style sauce.
(Gluten Free)


Aloo Bengan

Roasted baby aubergines and potatoes in a desi thurka.
(Gluten Free)


Dal Makhani 

Traditional Punjabi daal (lentils) cooked slowly with spices and cream.
(Dairy, Mustard)


Bhindi Masala 

Okra cooked with caramelised onions in a spicy Punjabi sauce.
(Gluten Free)


Kadhai Paneer

Flavourful paneer dish with fresh ground herbs and Kadhafi masala tossed with bell peppers and mushrooms.
(Gluten Free, Dairy)


Sarson Ka Saag (VE)

Spinach leaves infused with cumin,garlic and ginger
Add paneer for additional £1.50 (Gluten Free, Vegan)


Punjabi Chole (VE)

Chickpeas cooked in a traditional masala sauce.
(Gluten Free)


Bombay Aloo (VE)

Potatoes, cumin seeds, onions and tomatoes slowed cooked in a traditional Punjabi sauce.
(Vegan, Gluten Free)


Tarka Daal (VE)

Yellow lentils slow cooked with garlic
and spices.
(Vegan, Gluten Free)


Aloo Gobi

Potato, cauliflower and peas cooked
with fresh ginger, herbs and spices
a harmonious authentic dish.
(Gluten Free)


Biryani with Raita

Nawabi Lamb Biryani

Marinated lamb cooked slowly in rice
flavoured with fresh mint and rose water.(Gluten Free)


Chicken Biryani

Chef’s special marinated chicken cooked with rice and authentic punjabi spices.
(Gluten Free)


Prawn Biryani

Sauteed prawns with pilau rice flavoured
with saffron, cardamon and herbs.
(Gluten Free, Seafood)


Vegetable Biryani (V)

Seasonal vegetables cooked with basmati
rice flavoured with saffron, stranise and
(Gluten Free)


Bowl Food


Kenyan style samosas, chickpea curry, yogurt,tamarind garnished with coriander, green
chutney and crispy batter bits.(Dairy)


Aloo Tikki Chaat

Fried golden seasoned potato veg patti
with chick pea curry, yogurt, tamarind,
coriander, green chutney and sev batter.


TFE Noodles

Soft egg noodles tossed in TFE spicy sauce with chicken tikka peppers and onion.(Dairy)


Soya Tikka

Soft egg noodles tossed in TFE spicy sauce
with soya tikka bites and vegetables.


Prawn Noodles

Soft egg noodles tossed in TFE spicy
sauce with prawns, onions and peppers.


Desi Naanwich


Freshly baked tandoori naan bread with spicy chilli chutney, mint yogurt dressing and salsa.

Tandoori SoyA

Soya marinated in a spice yoghurt sauce.(Dairy)


TFE Chilli Paneer

With peppers and onions topped with chutney and onions.


Chicken Tikka

Diced and sprinkled on a spicy chutney base topped with kachumber. (Dairy)


Sheesh Kebabs

Chopped tandoor lamb kebabs topped with salsa chutney and fresh mint.
(Gluten Free)



Battered Pollock 
Fish & Chips served with peas & tartar sauce.

Cod & Chips
Traditional fish & chips served with salad
garnish and lemon wedge

Grilled Chicken
With salt & pepper and twice fried
chips and salad.

Pie & Chips
Good old pukka pie of the day served
with chips.

Chicken Tikka Salad
Grilled with lettuce, tomato, cucumber,
avocado, grape, grated cheese (optional) and
lemon dressing.

Soya Tikka Salad
Tandoori soya tikka served with lettuce,
peppers, tomato, cucumber and avacado
(optional) and grated cheese.

Children’s menu

Mini Fish and Chips £5.00
Mini battered fish served with
chips and salad.(Seafood)

Chicken Nuggets and Chips £4.50
Battered chicken nuggets served
with chips and salad.

Mini Butter Chicken & Naan £5.00
Mini creamy butter chicken and mini butter

Mini Kadhai Paneer & Naan £5.00
Mini dry paneer curry with peas and
mini butter naan.(Dairy)

Noddles £5.00
Egg noodles with peas and chicken.

Fruit Shoot £1.50


Poppadoms £3.00
2 Poppadoms served with chutney and salsa.

Plain Naan £1.95

Butter Naan £2.20

Garlic & Coriander Naan £2.75

Chilli & Garlic Naan £2.50

Tandoori Roti £1.75

Keema Naan £3.50

Cheese Naan £3.00

Peshwari Naan £4.00

Chilli Chips or Masala Chips £4.00

Chips £3.00

Boiled Rice £2.90

Mushroom Rice £4.00

Vegetable Pilau Rice £3.50

Kachumber Raita £2.90

Plain Raita £2.50

House Salad £3.50